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3% Of The People
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Your Abundance Starts
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It Gives The Power
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The Whole Truth About Gifting Programs

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally, an organization actually making a global difference!

If you have been looking for a gifting program that is completely above board and 100% legal then you might want to take a close look at Connecting Us All, (Formerly Elite Resurrected). They recently acquired the services of a  law firm in Salt Lake City Utah and spent a fortune researching the gifting laws of every state in the U.S. Plus 197 countries. They have passed the toughest scrutiny of law officials with their new launch and are legally registered as a non profit -corporation in Colorado as of September 2009. The Attorney General of Colorado actually sat in on their recent national conference in beautiful Colorado Springs.

When others tell you gifting programs are illegal, some are if they are not in compliance. But no one is bending over backwards to show you how to do it right, except the new Connecting Us All. They are poised to blaze a trail across this globe with a program that anyone would be proud to join without fear of being in violation of any law.

Our mission to bring together like-minded individuals with all our talents to a belief system that practices pure intent in the fundamental principles of abundance. We change the world through systematic giving, systematic receiving and systematic inviting into our belief system. We create a world that works for everyone by embracing our statements of beliefs.

Our Beliefs

•We believe in connecting likeminded individuals, with the intention to empower all, in every aspect of a "You AND Me World".

•We believe that by giving freely of ourselves and our resources, we open the flow of abundance into our lives.

•We believe that by embracing relationships through social networking, we have the opportunity to generate worldwide connections and friendships, in turn creating a synergy of people changing the world one gift at a time.

•We believe the Earth is Abundant, that there is more than enough of everything to satisfy everyone, that none should ever want.

•We believe that our intent affects our reward; that if we intend to give we will receive, but if we intend only to receive and give for that purpose, we will be left wanting.

•We believe that every individual's faith, religion or belief system has wisdom to contribute to everyone.

•We believe that by sharing these beliefs, we can change the world for the better and create a world that works for everyone.

The first gift is the invitation! I cordially invite you to join us,

Belinda Grandberry
Dallas, TX


Request your invitation to join at:


Connecting Us All Turbo Cycle Model

The Spirit of Abundance

One of our greatest gifts is to learn about the spirit of abundance and the quality of life that is possible with transformed perspectives and attitudes. The Connecting Us All movement from scarcity to a natural model of spiritual, intellectual, and physical abundance includes but is not limited to, money! This transformation comes through the experience of participating in a global community of like-minded cheerful givers focused on creating a "You AND Me World as opposed to a "You OR Me World" that keeps us bound to lack and scarcity.

Is this a pyramid?

Let me ask you a question, if you will.

Q: Is a Corporation a Pyramid?

A: Yes. I mean, are there a hundred CEOs at the top? Or one? And below him or her are there not Executives, then below them lower Management, then the folks who actually do the real work? And below them? Sure there are. Does it now look like a Pyramid? Think on it. As well, look at any Organization. There is always one or a few folks at the top, folks that report to them from below, folks that do the ground work below that. Schools qualify for that, hey even your local Garage that fixes your car. There is an OWNER,

The Three Core Areas of Connecting Us All

Connecting Us All is a group of likeminded individuals who share abundance through coming together and unconditionally giving to others. This process enriches all participants. Our purpose for being is to connect, empower, enrich, awaken, enlighten and ignite people's personal power through the power of giving unconditionally. The promise and principle found in Luke 6:38:

Who We Are

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Connecting Us All is a belief system where caring people support one another in being advocates of empowerment. This belief system is for charitable thinking people desiring to systematically experience abundance in a simple process. As participants we give with the intention to

The Money Masters Video

The Money Masters explains the history behind the current world depression and the bankers’ goal of world economic control by a very small coterie of private bankers, above all governments. Get some popcorn sit back and relax because this documentary is three hours of historical facts you will never find in any text book.